Visit the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic website for more resources and assistance.
The Milwaukee Justice Center offers Milwaukee County residents free forms assistance on family issues such as divorce, child support/placement/custody modifications, and name changes. (414) 278-2910
The Marquette Legal Initiative for Nonprofit Corporations (M-LINC) provides free brief legal advice to Wisconsin nonprofits and organizations in Wisconsin that are seeking tax-exempt or nonprofit status.
The Marquette Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic provides free legal services to qualifying entrepreneurs and new businesses in southeastern Wisconsin on business entity formation, financing, business agreements, commercial leases, intellectual property (except patents), employment, and other transactional matters.
The Estate Planning Clinic provides free basic estate planning services (will, living will, powers of attorney for healthcare and finances) to low income clients and veterans are provided by the The program is run on an appointment basis. Call (414) 288-5378 to schedule an appointment.
The Civil Appeals Help Desk answers questions about how state appellate courts work, provide information on court rules/procedures/terms/pending cases/court deadline, court forms, and check forms for completeness. (414) 671-9041 or email [email protected].
The Bankruptcy Pro Se Help Desk provides free forms assistance for chapter 7 debtors or people considering filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. (414) 297-3291.
Voces de la Frontera <<>> is a free legal clinic to address immigration and workers’ rights matters. (414) 460-1046
Dryhootch assists veterans, active duty personnel, reservists, and National Guard members and their families with family, civil, and criminal matters. (414) 336-6576
The Milwaukee Justice Center Mobile Legal Clinic << >> brings legal services to isolated neighborhoods where it is difficult for those residents to reach free legal assistance. Find an upcoming clinic locations online.
The Driver’s License Recovery Program helps low-income clients with revoked or suspended licenses. This program is run on an appointment basis. Call (414) 645-5350 to schedule an appointment.