Research suggests that legal professionals sacrifice self-care for their job which often leads to dissatisfaction in their professional and personal life, and often at the expense of their health and well-being (Wisconsin Task Force Report, 2021)​. If the demands of practicing law start to affect your personal time, energy levels, and mental health, give yourself permission to contact the Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program (WisLAP).

The Lawyers Assistance Program offers confidential well-being support to lawyers, judges, and law students. WisLAP staff are available for phone and in-person consultations, self-care retreats, mental health trainings, onsite office hours and well-being presentations. Additionally, WisLAP trained volunteers are available for individualized peer-to-peer support upon request.

The Lawyers Assistance Program aims to develop a culture within the Wisconsin legal community that fosters work-life balance and destigmatizes mental illness and substance use disorders. WisLAP services are free and available to everyone in the legal community.

WisLAP 24 Hour Helpline: 1 (800) 543-2625