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A Statement from the MBA Board of Directors

The inequitable and brutal treatment of African-Americans, with George Floyd’s death being only one of the most recent, public examples, cannot be tolerated. Now more than ever, it is important that we make our stance clear. The Milwaukee Bar Association vehemently denounces racism and hate; we stand in solidarity with the Black community, and we are committed to being allies in the fight against systemic racism and injustice against all people of color. The rule of law needs to protect us all and must exist at all levels of our justice system. We support the lawyers, judges and other court personnel who will work on all sides of this issue to ensure that the constitutional rights of all involved are respected and justice is achieved. Together and unified against hate and injustices, we are stronger. And we are here for all members during this difficult time.

We are steadfast in our commitment to diversity and inclusion and remain committed to engaging with these issues. The Milwaukee Bar Association’s mission statement declares that the organization is “an inclusive, equitable, and diverse organization that serves the interests of the lawyers, judges, and the people of Milwaukee County.” The MBA works to fulfill this mission every day, through our programs and initiatives. We provide educational and leadership opportunities for lawyers of diverse backgrounds; we raise awareness of inequity in the justice system by hosting events such as a diversity summit; we increase access to justice through the MBA Foundation and through our support of the Milwaukee Justice Center; and we have created a diversity clerkship in the federal court beginning in 2020.

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MBA: Physical Operations Temporarily Suspended

Message to Members and Visitors: COVID-19 

To help protect the health and safety of all as we navigate COVID-19 (coronavirus), and in light of significant federal, state, and local restrictions on communal gathering, the MBA is temporarily suspending physical operations. The health and well-being of our members and staff—as well as the entire community—is our highest priority.  

We remain dedicated to the success of our members. All staff personnel are available via phone and email. Timely and important education regarding your practice is currently available through live and on demand webinars. Our Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS) will continue to connect the public with participating attorneys to help with their legal problems. Click here for LRIS membership information.
We look forward to continuing to serve you through new and innovative channels. We have no doubt that we will find even more ways to support each other as we face professional and personal challenges going forward. That is the strength of our MBA community. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, and thank you for your patience and ongoing support of the Milwaukee Bar Association.

Francis Deisinger, Former MBA President, Appointed to Governor’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Reinhart Attorney Appointed to Governor’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. Shareholder Francis Deisinger has been appointed to the state Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Deisinger is a member of the Reinhart litigation law practice, and he brings to the council more than 30 years of legal experience. He is also a past president of both the State Bar of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Bar Association.

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Milwaukee Bar Association Announces Funded Summer Clerkship Opportunity

The legal profession and by extension, the Milwaukee Bar Association (MBA) suffers from a lack of diversity. The MBA has taken steps to make the MBA and the Milwaukee legal community more inclusive. To this end, the MBA participated in the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s ‘On the Table’ event in 2018 with diversity as the table topic. Representatives from several specialty bar associations reflecting different nationalities, gender and lifestyles came together to discuss the issue of diversity in the legal profession. From this discussion several strategies were employed: 1.) Creation of a Diversity Steering Committee with members from specialty bar legal organizations with memberships of diverse backgrounds; 2.) Amending the MBA mission statement to ensure this important governing document of the MBA both communicates and continuously serves as a reminder to those in leadership that diversity is a core element of what the MBA strives to accomplish; 3.) Hosting programs at the MBA with a transparent and authentic agenda to discuss the challenges that exist in attracting, retaining and embracing a diverse workforce; and 4.) Creating a funded summer clerkship within the federal court to provide the opportunity for law students from a diverse background to have an experience that will enrich and prepare them for a successful future and give them the resume credibility and connections to do so effectively.

The Milwaukee Bar Association (MBA) is pleased to announce in partnership with the Milwaukee Bar Association Foundation, Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association (EDWBA) and the U.S. District Court, the opportunity to apply for a funded summer clerkship in the Eastern District of Wisconsin with Magistrate Judge Nancy Joseph. This clerkship was created to provide an opportunity to demonstrate particular care for people of diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to help make the Milwaukee legal community more inclusive.

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